Let God Arise and let His enemies be scattered...Psalm 68:1
Let God Arise Ministries Inc.
Saturday, June 19, 2021
Let God Arise and let His enemies be scattered...

Miriam James Memorial

Miriam James a wonderful & committed Christian believer recently graduated to be with her Lord & Savior Jesus Christ @ 91 years of age. In her earlier years Miriam aspired to be an opera singer and was she ever gifted but used her gift to glorify her Savior Jesus Christ. When she would sing she sounded like an angel. Now Miriam is with the angels singing a concert to Our God in Heaven!
This page is dedicated to her and to all of our loved ones who have graduated to be with Jesus Christ.
If you would like to remember your loved one please send an e-mail to LGAM3@knology.net and we will add your loved ones name to this Memorial page.
Miriam James gift donated by B & D Branch 2/24/10
Mary McElroy
M/M George Mingledorff Jr
Kenneth Debardeladen
Carolyn Hood Rice gift from D.Doten 4/6/10
Dora Medaris
Jesse M Williams III member of board of LGAM gift donated by R&M Thomas 3/11/10
Virginia Jacks
memorial gift from B&D Branch 3/16/10,gift from W&L McKee 3/17/10,by T&D Parker 3/22/10
Bruce Holding Sr D.Doten 6/8/10
Richard(Dick) Deets
Carlton Waters
Rose K Ellis (Jimmy,Tom,Larry,Debbie & Cindy's Mom) gift from R&M Thomas 4/24/14,gift from Forrest & Angela Bailey 6/16/14
William L (Dub) Ellis
Sarah Kelan(Nanny)
Michael Kelan
William "Billy" Heath
Mildred Auxford(Millie)
Mary Mathews(Ganny)
Jimmy Shanahan
Bob Powers
Joseph Katz
Carl & Josephine Lunsford(Auntie Jo)
Johnny Lunsford
Danny Lunsford
Debbie Hunt
Lee Sullivan
M/M Leo Sullivan
Mr/Mrs Lon M Bridges Sr
Lon M Bridges Jr
James Clinton Bridges Sr 5/1/2020 memorial gift from Randall & Margaret Thomas 5/11/2020 gift from Betsy Parker
Clayborne Johnson
Col/Mrs Harry Trail
Col K O Dessert
Robert Evans
Col.William Tauzel
Col.John Walters
Jim Tisdale
Ed Sr & Jean Welch
Michael McCauley
Lee Wigglesworth
Diane Logan
William Ballard
Ethyl Golson
M/M Frank & Beverly Walls & David Walls & Kathy Walls
Dave Standifer
Randall Craft
Dr.Paul Everest
Dr Ham Hutchinson
Micah Giles
Ann Higgins
Evelyn Berry
Carol Sizemore
Bruce McIntosh
Easy Edney-memorial gift made by T & D Parker 12/27/2009
Henry & Tiny Greene
Dalton Blake
Lawyer/Mrs William Thomas
Mr William Holcombe Thomas gift by EG Branch III 3/23/10
PaPa John Ledger
Uncle Bill Branch
Lt. Richard Bridges
Bobby Apon
Leland Rolf
Rev Lynn & Ella Mae Matlack 
Knight Berman
Dan Markland
Churchill Marxs
Dr Grover Murchinson
Lewis Auxford
Andy Svenson Jr.
Leon Liggon
Mary James
Sgt. Clayton
Lt. Findley
Frank Hill
Jimmy Hill
M/M Frank Hawthorne Sr
Col.Ed & Mary Kitchens-memorial gift made by T & D Parker 12/27/2009
Adelyn Richardson-memorial gift made by T & D Parker 12/27/2009
Chase Perdue
M/M Hank & Jean Raley
Roxanne Raley Givens
Rev Tommy Waites
Sonny Bell
M/M J R Mann
B R Lowe
Leon Loard
Mr. Jimmy Luquire
Elna Hancock
Kevin McGowin
Lamar & Gwen Bruner
Bill Johnson
Mae Belle
M/M Richard Baly
M/M Andy & Mike Andriola
Dr. Harold & Opal Anderson
Mary Ellen Bullard
Terry Washington
Jackie Godin
TommyThompson-memorial gift from B&D Branch 3/16/10,by T&D Parker 3/22/10
Richard Piel
Brad Christian
Barry Teague
Chris Comp
Teresa Barnt Grimes
Charles "Chick" Philips
William Gordy
Henry & Claire Steindorff
Lucy McKee
Stephen Harris (son of Ron & Debbie Harris)
Mike Vinson
William P Nunn III
Jenny Sattari
Cathie Sattari Kelley
William Sattari
Susan Mustin
William Dent
Anthony Winston
Ed Praddick
Elizabeth Wright Smith
Michael S Newman
Rev. Dunbar Evans
William Pearse
M/M Ray Zambiasi
Donald Morse
Margaret Manness
Dr. Frank Young
Maurice Solomon "Red" & Betty Bell
Jay McCollough
KennethYork (Shawn's father)
John Allen Jones IV
Pat Miaolus
Dottie McCracken
Frank & Louise Moody
Bob Bedwell
Ronnie Pines
M/M Richard Baly
T C Hotard
Mrs Jack & Jimmy Gormley
M/M MacAdoo
Mr George Loudermilk
M/M Richard Daly & Richard Daly Jr
M/M Sam Cangelose
Jerry Dobbins
Lucky Knox
Tom DeBray
Neal Berney
Fran Woods
Warren & Marie & David Stafford
John Gray
Steve Fox
Joe Lassiter
Dorothy McCraken
Allen Shapiro
Gary Browning
Pastor Glen Pugh
Dr Harold Hatcher
Rev Steve & Ryan Hill
Rev Mac Gober
Barbara Bush Carter
Tom Blackerby
Buck Bowden
Frank & Gertrude Ellis
Philip Lutzenkirchen #43
Pastor William Larry Davidson
Mose Stewart
Joyce Eiland
Marion Hargrove
Richard Belser
Bill Parkman
Linda Thomas
Jack McGaughy
Elliott Patterson Williams 
Howard Cobb Alexander
Jim & Jane Reinhardt 9/8/2020 Randy & Margaret Thomas donated $300.00 In Memory of  James Michael Reinhardt
Buddy Brendle
John Tranter
Dan Blitz
James Geesey
Dr Fleix Tankersly
Coach William Joiner
Chuck Oakes
Captain Chase Hataway
Cleve Hataway
Bill & Helga Stevens
Fran Curro
Lewis Hanson Luquire
George & Peggy Edmondson
Mays Jemison
Dr Wray Buchanan
Hannah Burlingame
Rupert Wilson
Dr. Bruce & Roberta Holding
Mary Jule Burleson
John & Eunice Henig
Charlotte Thorington
Pete Flemming
Sheriff D.T. Marshall
Dr. Robert Parker
Elizabeth "Dale" Donley
Chief Justice Perry Hooper
Marie Bond
Fred Constable
LTC Pat & Evelyn Barnt
Raymond & Laura McClain Hutchins
Mark Chambless
Richard Vickers
John "Sto" Stowers
May Smith
E.G. "Buddy" & Dorothy "Dottie" Ruth Edney Branch III
Betty Faye Fatzinger
Ken & Bette Hayes
Pete J. and Ellen C.  Motisi
Littleton "Lit" Carothers 
Ann Emory Robinson Harris
Elizabeth Cook
Kim Clement
Grant Henry
David Christenberry
Don Madison
Nathan Hamilton
Isaac , KoKo & Blue Willow (the only dogs & cat Tom ever loved)
Jane Hutchison
Rhonda "Doodie" Adair
Margaret Motley aka "Saint" Margaret
Gene Katherine Langham Douglass
Avis Brannon Gunter
Rev. Carmen Falcione
Marvin Carroll
David Prince
Dr. Paul Cammack
William A. "Bill" Hughes
Rebecca "Becky" Bridges Wilson
Rev. Lendon P. "Lenny" Bolton
Forrest Bailey
John Kocher
Rev Roy & Ann Gamblin
Gerry & Peggy Rodgers 9/8/2020 gift donated in memory by Randy & Maggie Thomas
Michael Wayne Kelley
Thomas Virgil Chandler (Pop)
Fred Morgan Simpson
Roland Arthur Hester III
Paul Sims Jr.
Wallace Tidemore
Bill & Carol Brewbaker
John Bubba Trotman
Hunter Chambliss
Rev Billy & Ruth Graham
Lynn A Gowan
Edward Walton Sauls
Milton E. McGregor
Scott Russell
Herman D. Harris
Robert Clifton Schultz
Wayne Roper
Richard Sexton
John & Gypsy Chappell
Janie Wall
John Bowman
Dr. Tommy Williams
John Foshee
Peter Donohue
Sherry Cope Mitchell
Pastor Donald Ritchie
Allyson Armistead Allred
Burke Rouse Fitzpatrick Chambers
Ron & Paula Bramblett(Voice of Auburn football)
Bart Starr
Travis Armstrong
Lendon "Skip" Skipworth
Tom Summerville
Nancy Canterbury James
Tom Searcy
Gene Parsons
Dr. Frank Mathews
Ank Stewart
Coach Darold Lee Dunlavy
John Geiger
Mark Montiel
Rev Philip Black
Georgia Armstrong
Samuel Wachs
Mr. James Thomas
Coach Pat Dye
Mike Russell
Tommy & Deanie Thompson
Ted Gilreath
J Hunter Pappas
Joseph Patrick Cox
Harold McWhorter
Sondra Hassett Parnell
Rev. Al Perkins
Thomas Bowen Hill Jr.
Dean Albritton
Rush Limbaugh
Zeb King
Bobby Turner
Milton Parsons
Florence Jordan
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